Friday, September 9, 2011

Musings from a Mother

So I am sure most of you have seen all these super cool, trendy, artistic, inspirational sayings all over Pinterest. You know like these...

They are EVERYWHERE and the reason why is because they are super cute, quirky and make you reflect on certain things in life that are inspiring, positive or just plain funny. Well, I was out and about with Eliana and now that I have a daughter of my own I am much more shall we say aware of other children. I was watching a teenage daughter and her mother interact at Target and seriously I found it comical, I mean it was sad-frustrating-disheartening-and-worrisome, but none-the-less, comical too.

I know I have years until I have to worry about the "raging hormonal changes" of a teenager daughter, but even so my days of Eliana looking at me like a shiny new toy every morning are numbered. It's just a fact of life. I will embrace it when the day comes, but for now I just feel like jumping on the pinterest band-wagon and have decided to turn my Musings of Motherhood into a quirky quote to be oooh'd and awww'd by many or possibly just myself. Who knows. Either way its something I hope Eliana can reflect on during her teenage years... or possibly just another reason to think her mother is crazy. Enjoy :)

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