Monday, August 22, 2011

Doing instead of just pinning...

Oh pinterest. I blame you for my inability to accomplish anything these days. My house is full of unclean clothes, dirty dishes and floors that needed to be mopped a week ago. I have said goodbye to my daily walks and hello to microwaveable meals and poor hygiene. You. Are. The. Worst. Addiction. Ever. I want to hate you, but I can't.

.... because the truth is

I freaking LOVE you. I love you more then facebook, you-tube, and words with friends combined! I love you more then peanut butter m&m's, I love you more then ice cream and freshly baked cookies, I love you more then In-N-Out ... uh opps just kidding. Anyhow the point is you have seriously brought the idea of "bookmarking" something on the internet to a whole new level! I no longer have to save word documents with internet links to things that I have found and loved. I no longer have a mile long list of bookmarks that take me eons to sort through. You seriously have filled a void in my life that I never even knew existed. You are truly amazing. 

So in honor of your amazingness I have decided to create a blog dedicated to all things pinterest. Yep I am just adding to the litany of awesome things you can find now on the internet and although craft blogs are aplenty I hope mine will still be found by many and loved by all.  

The point and purpose of this blog will be to document everything that I have pinned and then made. I will show the photo or link that I pinned originally and then document my interpretation of that pin. At the end of each post I will state whether I Loved it. Hated it. Recycled it. Wasted it. Gifted it. Sold it. or in my opinion Bettered it. So hopefully this will encourage all you Pinterest enthusiasts to start doing and not just pinning because whats the point of having 1000+ pins of amazing diy crafts or recipes or design ideas if you never try them.

This is my personal solution to help minimize my minds overwhelming desire to craft 24/7! I do have a husband to feed, a child to rear and a dog to walk so those things do take up a majority of my time, but all the other hours will be spent here. I hope you enjoy reading my journey of doing instead of just pinning.

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